Crafts of the Chardavogne Group

Crafts of the Chardavogne Group

Crafts of the Chardavogne Group
Crafts of the Chardavogne Group at the Amity Gallery

The wide array of Crafts includes Jewelry by Jacques Hemsi and Lia Sirelson, Leather by Harvey Greenwald, Pottery by Rachel Durland, Embroidery by Elaine Knight, Weaving by Myra Reichel, Woodworking by George Sharp, Blown Glass by Gary Gennetti, Native Crafting by Karen Martis and Jill Lindner and the Photography of Vincent Manzi. 

Many crafts will be for sale and others on exhibit. We hope you will join us at the Gallery for three special weekends.

The Amity Gallery is open weekends from 1-4pm. Reception is on Dec. 3 from 3pm-7pm. Join us!


Amity Gallery

110 Newport Br. Rd.

Warwick, NY  10990

Wire Work

Wedding Bands, Engagement Rings.

See the beautiful new wedding bands and engagement rings. All original handcrafted designs.

The Reticulated Bands are interesting. I use a hot pointed flame and melt the edge and surface of each ring to create a unique design. The Wire Work engagement rings are all about waves and movement. Then there is the Classic Wedding Band, the Ethel Rings. So beautiful. 

Replicating a Design

Floral Hoop earring

The first time I realized I needed to find a way to reproduce a design was after I made the Floral Hoop earring. It was too complicated a design to make again.

Making a mold
wax reproduction
Wax Reproduction

I learned about casting, and how to make a mold. 

I made a wax reproduction. 

I now have 800 molds.

My many molds
Jacques Hemsi Workshop
My Workshop

This website is a small representation of all my designs. 

In the next episode I will talk about the wax tree, casting and more. 

Jacques Hemsi’s Booth

Jacques Hemsi Booth at Craft Fairs

Here is my booth where I showed my hand-made jewelry at Craft Fairs. I miss meeting all of you in person since Craft Fairs have been cancelled because of Covid-19. 

Paradise City online

The Paradise City Northampton Show will be held online this year from October 7-14. You will be able to see my new jewelry designs and the work of other crafts persons. 

Paradise City Arts Festival says:

“In light of COVID-19, this year’s Paradise City Northampton show will be a virtual event. While nothing can compare to attending in person, you will be able to experience much of what you’ve come to expect at a Paradise City arts festival. Shop from our exhibitor’s online booths. Visit the Paradise Perks! collection of artist specials. Sample fabulous food, music and demonstrations. Win gift certificates! Our grand opening is October 7!”

I created some new jewelry designs for 2020 that I’d like you to see, here on my website or at the Paradise City virtual event.

Jacques .