Jacques Hemsi Bio

Jacques Hemsi, Jewelry of Chardavogne

I’ve been a Craftsman for over fifty years.

Can you imagine!!! That makes me ancient.

I started in 1969, in the streets of NY, then at the second ACC (American Craft Council) in Bennington Vt.

I’ve always been alive to it, I found my aliveness, and maybe even sometimes, my reason d’être.

Every year I made new designs, every year there was a new challenge. Jewelry of Chardavogne became relatively big, I had up to 6 people in my Workshop , I sold to a lot of crafts shops. I actually even started to make a living, not just have a passion. Then I consolidated, and started doing less shows.

So here I am now.

There are no shows, because of Covid, but still I have an aliveness to my craft. I’ve made new designs. Here they are for your consideration.

I am trying something new, a new way to reach you, the person who would wear this jewelry.

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Jacques Hemsi